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Simplify Your IT Crisis Management With the Cloud

Even if you take every precaution, no company is totally protected from a hardware failure, a computer breakdown, a virus, or a cyber-attack, so you need to have a carefully prepared plan in case the worst happens. In this regard, the cloud helps ensure the continuity...

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Choosing an IT Solution for SMEs That Will Grow With You

A human-sized business needs to have an efficient computer resource management system that meets its current needs. But an IT solution for SMEs must also be scalable so that it can adapt in real time to the needs of the business as the company grows. Opt for a...

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How to Save Money on Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

These days, IT infrastructure and data are so valuable to businesses of all sizes that they devote significant portions of their budgets to them. But is it necessary for them to pay high prices without trying to control their expenses? Nowadays, there are several ways...

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