Server Virtualization

Virtualization is no longer something new… but how it is offered has changed immensely on the market. Virtualization for companies is no longer covered just by VMWare. Microsoft has offered Hyper-V, which is surpassing VMWare products in many ways and for a fraction of the price.

Hyper-V now offers unparalleled performance and possibilities with management tools that perfectly integrate with the rest of your computer environment.

Solulan is a pioneer in Hyper-V expertise since the first beta version of Hyper-V 2008. Our experienced team can help you complete your virtualization projects, whether expanding your number of servers or migrating your virtualization platform.


A few obvious advantages of Hyper-V 2012 R2, available without even paying for licences other than for Windows Server:

  • Capacity (more processors, RAM, disks, etc.)
  • Simplicity (Intuitive and simple consoles)
  • Functionalities (Shared Nothing Live Migration, Live Migration, fibre-optic virtualization, etc.)
  • High availability
  • Performance
  • Backups (Hyper-V Replica, Windows Azure Backup)
  • Portability with Windows Azure
  • Etc.

Combined with the System Center Virtual Machine Manager and other products from the Microsoft System Center family, Hyper-V is now the best virtualization solution on the market.


Moreover, virtualization brings many advantages for restoring computer system operation following hardware failure or disaster. Virtual servers are independent of the physical characteristics of a server (peripheral drivers, processors, etc.), which means that a virtual server can be moved from one physical server to another without any constraints in terms of drivers, etc.

Test Environment

Server virtualization allows to create cost-effective test environments for developing applications, testing software updates and modifications as well as for training I.T. staff. It is this usefulness that is behind the current popularity of virtualization. Migrating legacy servers and incompatible software with new generations of servers and operating systems can give you great peace of mind.

Equipment Compatibility

You have a legacy server whose age and reliability are of concern to you? Is the application that it provides still vital to your company, but the operating system it uses is not compatible with the new servers? Are you aware that should your equipment fail, you will have problems repairing it and delays will be long and costly? It can probably be migrated completely and easily to a virtual server for which you will not have to worry about equipment reliability or compatibility.

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Our CLients

Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Our Clients

Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton