OFFICE 365 Adoption and Training

Congratulations! You have decided to deploy Office 365 as your productivity suite. Great choice. Now,  ensuring that ALL users in your organisation are given the right training to use all workloads is the second and MOST important step of a successful deployment. We offer two (2) options: our Adoption and Training service or our Office 365 Massive Open Online Course (MOOC Business). Both are cost effective ways to train users!


Why an Adoption and Training option with Solulan?

  • Because you have a lot of users (over 200)  to reach;
  • Because we can train them in 8 different languages including English and French;
  • Because you need to reach ALL users in their languages and time zones;
  • Because you don’t have much time as your migration is almost completed;
  • Because you have limited resources and you are looking for an experienced; Microsoft partner to take care of everything for you

What we do:

  • We assign a dedicated PM who is going to  design a comprehensive adoption and training plan for you
  • We design a communication plan to reach all your users globally
  • We design a custom Training curriculum with you which fits with your corporate training objectives
  • We provide all your users full access to a Cloud-based training management portal which manages the training workflow from cradle to grave
  • We provide a 90-min live training with a certified Office365 trainer in the language of your choice to all your users
  • We give you unlimited access to all of the Office365 video tutorials, eLearning and past recorded webcasts to ensure they have access to all necessary tools to adopt Office365 quickly

Through FastTrack, Microsoft can finance a substantial portion of the cost of your adoption and training plan

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Our Clients

Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton