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Rethink your Contact Centre with Skype for Business and Anywhere365

WORKSTREAMPEOPLE, Solulan’s strategic partner has designed an innovative Dialogue Management Platform, built within the Microsoft ecosystem of products that unifies and integrates all channels of communications (inbound and outbound) for any organization. Legacy systems that rely solely on PBX based phone systems with a separate system to manage electronic communications, do not longer satisfy the requirements of the current generation of users. End users expect to interact with organizations when it fits their schedule, from wherever they are, using any type of device, via a communication channel of their choice. The different combinations of these four elements require a powerful Dialogue Management system that is capable to provide these functionalities to anyone and at the same time, limit or even reduce the impact on the workforce and resource availability. Anywhere365 was developed with exactly this challenge in mind.  We envision that a contact center is no longer a physical “switchboard” entity where incoming calls are manually routed to individuals within an organization, but a transparent technology that acts as a natural extension to people’s intuitive way of engaging with others.

We believe that Anybody could be a Contact Center in the Enterprise, and as such should be easily reachable or communicate with customers, partners, employees and stakeholders using any device. Anywhere365 is available in 12 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian and Swedish.

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CRM Integration

Integrate Skype for Business with your CRM using Anywhere365

You have already invested in a CRM (CRM Dynamics, Salesforce…) and in Office365 or Skype for Business as your major day-to-day communication tools within your organization. Now, give your employees, the endless possibilities to access CRM information directly from their Skype for Business or Lync clients and access relevant, strategic information about your customer’s information, cases and tickets.

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Our CLients

Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Our Clients

Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton