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Equip your receptionist with a powerful Receptionist Console

Skype for Business 2015 and Lync 2013 are amazing products however they do not come with a Receptionist Console for individuals working as receptionist within an organization. We all appreciate how important and strategic receptionists are as they greet our customers, partners and employees on a regular basis. That is the reason a very user-friendly Receptionist Console has been developed. The Anywhere365 Receptionist Console provides an enhanced experience for anyone in charge of greeting and transferring calls to anybody within or outside of your organization. Equip your receptionist with all the relevant information needed to do their work with excellence and efficiency. The Anywhere365 Receptionist Console supports all the features that a receptionist requires: calls waiting in queue, visual transfers, drag/drop and swipe or touch (Windows Tablet) but also seamless integration with Exchange Calendar to allow a Receptionist to review somebody’s schedule prior to a call transfer.

Watch the Receptionist Console in action!

Make your receptionist life easy!

The Anywhere365 Receptionist Console is very user-friendly. It supports all features that a receptionist needs: queue management, visual transfers and drag/drop, swipe or touch (Windows tablet version). It also includes really useful add-ons such as external guest management through the visitor plug-in, the Busy light Plug-in, Address Book for Active Directory and Exchange Plug-ins, Record Conversation Plug-In, Call History Plug-in and Emergency Breaking Plug-In. The Receptionist Console is available in English,   French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese.

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Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton