Skype for business

Skype for Business (Lync)

Solulan is the leading reference for this instant-messaging, videoconferencing and VoIP application for companies. The synchronisation with Outlook enables you to plan a meeting with your colleagues from your contact list. Wether you are 2 or 200 attending the meeting, Skype for Business ensures confidential and secure network sharings.


The Advantages of
Skype for Business

  • Participate in videoconferences on your PC or Mac computers, browsers and mobile peripheral equipment, wherever you are
  • Have access to unified communications tools: no VPN required
  • Take advantage of the HD video available on a wide range of devices and view up to five participants simultaneously
  • Control sensitive data, which would be otherwise sent over public telephone networks and third-party conference platforms
  • Share your digital notes, documents and other real-time information during your videoconferences

The Added Value of Solulan

Our team of Lync (Skype for Business) specialists knows better than anyone about this corporate messaging application. Why? Because this expert team tested it before it became available to the public and continues to gauge its evolution every day. It then shares its expertise and in-depth knowledge with users, namely you.

Microsoft has developed the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) as a methodology for Partners to plan, deliver and support Skype for Business.

Solulan is a SOF-aligned partner. Click here to review the Solulan SOF Offering.

Solulan’s Lync team is the reference for Microsoft Lync expertise (Skype for Business).

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Groupe Morneau NRJ Telesystem transcript Ville Mont-Laurier PMGtest Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton