The Three Pillars of any Unified Communication Solution

April 26, 2016 by Rija Raharinosy
The Three Pillars of any Unified Communication Solution

Any organization that is looking to streamline productivity and improve the customer experience should be looking at a few key areas. Three pillars (Teams & Networks, Personal & Organizational Insight, and People Centric Security) make up the foundation of a comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, analytics, security and compliance capabilities.

These three pillars will get you thinking about how your organization measures up:

  1. Teams & Networks: It’s important to ensure your team has access to the resources they need whenever they need them. To be competitive today you need to communicate and collaborate without borders and barriers. Through conferencing, global numbers, Cloud PBX and PSTN these resources can be accessible and manageable. This means more info, more context, quicker access and productive conversations.
  2. Personal & Organizational Insight: To improve communication and performance, making sense of your data is just the tip of the iceberg. Understanding your personal analytics and those of your team can give you the insight you need to get more out of communication and connect the dots on how your team or organization is actually functioning. By now we all know that it’s not how much data you can collect – it’s what you do with it.
  3. People Centric Security: Knowing who has access to and control of your data is key in data security. Locking everything down is no longer a realistic measure and can cost you business and productivity. Now you can implement controls that make it simple for users to protect their data and for administrators to scale permissions as needed. Enable your users to easily keep data encrypted and defend against even unknown security threats while giving administrators best in class control over data access. This is just the start of people centric security.

Solulan recently held a free event on Unified Communication Solutions that showcased several demos. It helped demonstrate that the design and deployment of unified communication doesn’t have to be an overwhelming affair. It can be a seamless and pain-free experience that catapults your organization to the front line.

If you’re curious how the above pillars could help your organization, contact us to set up a quick call.

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