Solulan Achieves Most Important Competencies for the Microsoft Cloud.

June 19, 2016 by Rija Raharinosy
Solulan Achieves Most Important Competencies for the Microsoft Cloud.

Last week, we have attained our Gold Productivity, our Silver Communications and our Silver Cloud Platform competencies.

Why does it matter?

3 reasons:

1. We demonstrate the best in class abililty to deliver.
Whether you are looking to troubelshoot,  improve, upgrade or add a workdload into an existing Skype for Business, Lync or Office 365 or Azure deployment, we can help. For the past 17 years, we have only committed ourselves to the Microsoft story and we are part of the top one percent of Microsoft's partner ecosystem able to deliver those technologies.

2. Our customers are our first advocates.
Earning a Microsoft Competency is no small deed. We have had to not only succesfully complete all our exams to prove our level of technology expertise but also meet a revenue commitment in Microsoft technologies and ensure our customers have had to provide stellar references to demonstrate succesful deployments. If you are looking for a vendor providing the best of what Microsoft has to offer, talk to our customers.

3. We don't deploy only, we make you ADOPT the Microsoft Cloud.
Solulan's value add is more than just deploying those Microsoft technologies. We also make it easier for customers to adopt those technologies. Through our new offering around training and adoption services, Solulan and Microsoft provide you the tools to ensure your IT Pros but also your end users are fully trained and are using the technology to the fullest.

Our commitment is to be Gold in all three competencies by the end of 2016.

If you are curious how the Microsoft Cloud could help your organisation move to the next level, contact Solulan to setup a call and a live demo.

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